Recruitment Insight

This semester, the Rines Angel Fund brought on seven enthusiastic new associates within a variety of majors. Spencer ’20 had the following to say about his time with us so far as a non business major:

“My experience with the Rines Angel Fund has been great thus far. I learned about Rines through people already involved with the Fund and through their marketing efforts. The onboarding process coming into the Fund was quite comprehensive and supported a collaborative learning environment. An online course encompassing the main aspects of angel investing helped me the most to establish a foundation of private equity terms and concepts. Investopedia, Khan Academy, and the article, “What You Need To Know to Become an Angel Investor” are great resources to refer back to if I have questions at any point throughout my experience within the Fund. This semester has created an environment with a lot of hands on experience involving actual angel investments. All of the companies that come pitch to the Fund provide all associates with an opportunity to analyze the viability and scalability of real startups in the greater New Hampshire area.

I believe that having a major in computer engineering and being a part of the Rines Angel Fund gives me the opportunity to excel even more in my own field by developing more professional skills and establishing new ways of approaching problems. Furthermore, the analytical and critical thinking skills that the Rines Angel Fund has provided me with has definitely helped me perform better in my engineering classes. I hope the perspective that I have gained and continue to learn from the Rines Angel Fund will provide me with the knowledge and confidence I will need to one day start my own business or get involved with private equity investing.”

Want to learn more about the recruitment process and how you can apply? Come out to our information sessions tomorrow the 9th in Hamilton Smith 140 from 8:10-10pm and Wednesday the 10th in Hamilton Smith 140 from 8:10-10pm. We’re looking forward to meeting you then!


Spencer Rees is a junior computer engineering major with a brewing minor and is a new associate this semester.